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We barn stormed the Devil’s stronghold in Benin, West Africa, the birth place of Voodooism, where most of the people still practice voodoo and we came out winners with thousands of people accepting Jesus, with four Christian churches started in voodoo villages.

This includes the adventures and excitement of leading many short-term Christian health care mission teams far from the tourist areas, into remote areas in third world countries to bring health care and the Gospel to people with no hope for health care and where they have never heard the name of Jesus.

This includes sharing Jesus with the Pygmies deep in the African Rain Forest, with tribal people in the Amazon Jungles that had never seen a white man and the apprehension and challenge of leading a rural Chinese Secretary of the local Communist Party to Jesus.

It records the unusual and exciting changes the author has personally experienced in 30 years of short term missions, starting as an ordinary American Christian when he simply said, “Yes, Lord,” to the invitation to come and help. He began as a missionary’s helper and evolved into a health care evangelist winning thousands of unreached people to Jesus. This entailed working in some of the most remote locations on our planet, including many areas in the heart of Africa, South and Central American Jungles, India, Cambodia and several areas where the Gospel was forbidden, such as Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar and several areas in China’s poorest rural areas.

These experiences have given the author fantastic personal peace and happiness.

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