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Volume 2014, Number 4
November 2014 - December 2014 Issue. This newsletter contains a photo collage of the 2014 at a glance from the mission trips that we took to Guatemala, Cameroon, Honduras, Myanmar, and Mongolia. Also, a reinder about 2014 year-end giving and a list of upcoming short-term mission trips for 2015.

Volume 29, Issue 10
This newsletter contains a special note from John Ngoh in Cameroon, information about 2012 year-end giving, in memoriam for Dr. David Inderjeet who was a member on the board of Health Teams International, whom we lost on November 17, 2012. Also, upcoming short-term mission trips in 2013 to Cameroon, Peru, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Volume 29, Issue 9
This newsletter contains the report from the Honduras 2012 mission trip where Dr. Charlick took 18 team members to help over 3,100 patients with medical, dental, optical, and prayer clinics. Also Dr. Johanson led a group of 18 team members to Uganda in July and treated in the villages for 10 consecutives days on 3 different clinic sites.

Volume 29, Issue 8
This newsletter contains the report from the Haiti 2012 mission trip where 18 health care providers and support workers were able to help over 1,600 needy people, as well as a list of upcoming short-term mission trips in July, October, November 2012, and January, February, and March 2013.

January–February 2012 HTI (Canada)
Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be. Is today the day you will decide to serve on a medical mission team? This e-newsletter contains opportunities to join a missions trip, a report from Myanmar, opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia and China in 2012, and information about Dr. Dale and Mary Ann Louis in Liberia.

Volume 28, Issue 6
October 11 - November 11 Issue. HTI Mission to Honduras, Report from Mongolia, information about Your Valuable Donations, Mission Trip Dates and Opportunities to Join a Team, Distribution of Bibles to China in 2011.

Volume 24, Issue 5
June 09 - July 09 Issue. Your Mailing Preference, Thank You for Generous Response, From Around the World: Mission to China, Report from Myanmar, Report from the Phillipines, Continuing work in India, Equatorial Guinea Report, Report from Cameroon, Mission Trip Calendar for 2010, HTI Board Meeting.

Volume 24, Issue 3
April 09 - May 09 Issue. Just a Reminder, Economic Conditions Impact Donations, HTI Partners with Grace for Asia Again, Pray, Go, Send, Support, Ethics and Medical Missions, The Dental Hygienist Medical Missions.

Volume 24, Issue 1
February 09 - March 09 Issue. Electronic or Hard Copy: It's Your Choice, Mission Projects in Need of Prayer, Pray, Go, Send, Support

Volume 23, Issue 8
December 08 - January 09 Issue. Health Teams International in India, nurses on mission teams, please not our mailing address, pray, go send, a physicians thoughts about participating, from a dentists' point of view, and thank you.

Volume 23, Issue 4
July/August 2008 Issue. Retired but still serving, a report from a first time missions trip, Medical Missions: Not All Peaches and Cream, My Medical Practice - My Christian Practice, and upcoming missions trips

Volume 23, Issue 3
May/June 2008 Issue. March mission to Myanmar, mission to Cameron. Treating our patients in Cameroon, and upcoming missions trips.

Volume 23, Issue 1
January/February 2008 Issue. Christmas isn't over, Upcoming Mission Trips, Thinking About Going on a Trip?, 2007 Missions overview.